two arrows pointing in different directions on a blue background
poems with yourself day 12 solid ground

A New Path

a sunflower on a green background
poems with yourself day 11 inner voices

As God Intends

an illustration of a playground
poems with yourself day 10 memories

What I’ve Seen

a family in a house on a yellow and green background
poems with yourself day 9 bright echoes

For my Youth

a jungle scene with a waterfall and trees
poems with yourself day 8 warm winds


a heart shaped icon with a full moon in the background
poems with yourself day 7 spirit soul

The Glow of Love

a black and white photo of a hand holding a child's hand
day 6 of poems with yourself


a screenshot of an iphone screen showing a dark night scene
poems with yourself day 5 wanderer

Late Nights/Early Mornings

a heart icon on a green background
poems with yourself day 4 - resurrecting dream

Heart Monitor

a photo of a tree in the woods with the words autumn 23 feel by yourself
poems with yourself day 3 letters
an image of a robot sitting on a piano with the words'poem by yourself'
poems with yourself day 2 deaddrops

Sound is Profound

a black and white photo of a baby's hand
poems with yourself day 1 feed hope

Early Years

a group of fruits and vegetables on a table
the milky in the night sky



a black and white photo of a plant in a pot
a building with a tree in front of it

Resolved Realizations

Sacrifices or Affinities?

a man walking across a sand dune in the desert
a black and white photo of a person's hands praying

Trekking (Of the Mind)

To Believe, Is to Receive

a single yellow maple leaf is laying on the ground
an aerial view of a lake with a question mark in the middle

Where do the leaves go?

Assured By The Shore:

Water Talk

a row of potted plants in a garden
water droplets in a pool with a tarp

Yard Work

Conversations W/

The Rain

a sign that says god is faithful
a wooden walkway leading through a wooded area

Faith Renewed

Peace.. Unbroken

a wall with many colorful hearts painted on it
a black book with red roses and the word love yourself

Love Like…

There is Joy…

a wooden abacus on a white background
a man is riding a skateboard down a hill

27 Reasons why,

28, Is a Blessing

Life… What About it?