a drawing of a man with a hat and music notes

Knock Knock, Key Open Door

(Canvas Tape, Pt. 1)

Groove Don’t Stop

(Canvas Tape, Pt. 2)

a woman is meditating in a lotus position
a black and white image of a rose

Listening to the Moon

(Canvas Tape, Pt. 3)

Roll Away The Stone

(Canvas Tape, Pt. 4)

an image of a yellow hat on a blue background
a painting of a yellow road with flowers on it

Kasa, Golden

(Canvas Tape, Pt. 5)

It Takes A Village

(Canvas Tape, Pt. 6)

a painting of a flower with suns behind it
a painting of a man laying on the ground


(Canvas Tape, Pt. 7)

Begin, Again

(Canvas Tape, Pt. 8)

a lone tree in front of a body of water
a tall glass building is reflected in a blue sky


(Canvas Tape, Pt. 9)

New Revelation

(Canvas Tape, Pt. 10)

the sun is shining down on a city street
a green tree in a yellow square on a dark background

Horizons of Shalom

(Canvas Tape, Pt. 11)


(Canvas Tape, Pt. 12)

a green tree with wind turbines in the background
a cassette player with headphones on a colorful background

Warriors Way

(Canvas Tape, Pt. 13)

Victory Lap

(Canvas Tape, Pt. 14)

a tree with rain drops on it

Rain Dance

(Canvas Tape, Pt. 15)